Solutions for Exams available now!

Similar to the students’ solutions for exams that can be found on the Homepage of the FSI Informatik you can now also find solutions for exams of the Department (EEI) on our homepage.

Here you can find solution attempts by other students. The solutions are intended to make it easier for you to prepare for your exams.

You all may and absolutely should edit the linked solutions. Since we have only just created the solution pads, most of them are still empty. Therefore, we ask you all to participate. Everyone of us will benefit from that.

You can find the solutions here on our homepage under Exams -> Exam Solutions.

Currently, some exams are still missing. In addition, some links may be broken or you may not be able to edit solutions by mistake.
Please let us know in any case if you miss something or notice some other error!

You can find out how to reach us at Contact.

We wish you a lot of success with your exams



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