About us

Especially new students and outsiders can imagine little under a student body initiative (= Fachschaftsinitiative in German, or short FSI). Therefore, we would like to answer the following questions:

What is a student body initiative?

A Student Body Initiative (FSI) is a group of students whose mission is to be the closest point of contact for students in the ICT program for issues including the following:

  • Introduction of the first-year students
  • Collecting information (dates, forms, etc.) and material (exams, scripts, etc.) related to study program
  • Provide advice on problems and questions
  • Organising Events
  • Connection between students and professors/faculty chairs
  • Representation of students’ opinions in a wide variety of committees
  • Help shape the ICT study program

Especially the latter is of outstanding importance for a new course of studies like ICT!

Which benefits does a student body initiative provide?

Professors like to seek contact with the FSI when they want to get an impression of students’ problems.

For this purpose, two members of the FSI sit on the study commission. This is a committee that consists of three professors and research assistants from electrical engineering and just as many from computer science. The study commission tries to clarify all questions and problems concerning the organization and structure of a study program.

Therefore, it is very important for us that students approach us with their suggestions, criticism and problems so that we can pass them on to the professors.

The FSI is thus the most important representant of the students in influential committees. Therefore, all students should use their right to have a say with the help of the FSI!

Who can join?

Quite simple: everyone! By now you know what the FSI stands for and what we do. If you would like to engage in these topics as well, just contact us. We are happy about every helping hand!