• Study Guide (starting at p.74)
  • Joanna Kudanowska – contact her for any question regarding technicalities of the programme: https://www.eei.tf.fau.de/person/joanna-kudanowska/
  • There usually is no mandatory attendance except for labs, seminars and language courses. Ask the lecturer, if you’re unsure.
  • Joining a course on StudOn usually is not binding except if communicated differently
  • Registration on campo for an exam is binding (but you can deregister until up to three working days before the exam)

2. Campo, StudOn, UnivIS

  • campo: https://www.campo.fau.de
    • room search
    • finding courses
    • create schedule
    • anything related to exams:
      • registering for exams (Prüfungsanmeldung)
      • transcript of records (Notenspiegel/Studienmatrix)
    • re-registering for the next semester (Rückmeldung)
  • StudOn: https://www.studon.fau.de
    • search
    • Repository – Home > My Courses and Groups
    • In course: actions > add to favourites
    • Forums: questions to professors or students
    • „Beitreten“ = join
    • „Ankündigungen“ = announcements
  • UnivIS: https://univis.fau.de
    • Legacy system! The information on this portal is potentially completely outdated! Please use the information found there with caution!
    • may still be interesting for finding buildings and rooms
  • Oktis: https://sprachkurse.fau.de
    • Registering for language courses

3. Other FAU Services

4. Studentenwerk Services

5. Accomodation

6. Jobs

Finding jobs:

7. Perks as student and other useful things

  • Student discount
    • UniDays: https://www.myunidays.com/DE/de-DE
      many other sellers, just look around
  • Semester abroad: https://www.fau.de/education/international/wege-ins-ausland/studieren-im-ausland/erasmus-studium/erasmus-partnerhochschulen/
    • Partnerunis (no fees; ERASMUS)
    • Registration: e.g. January 2023 for SoSe 2023 and WS2023/2024
    • Attend info events
  • DeepL: https://www.deepl.com/en/translator