A look back to our field trip to Nokia Ulm

On Dec. 8, 2022, we visited Nokia’s development centre in Ulm with almost 40 students from our bachelor’s and master’s programme.

About two dozen employees from the various departments led in small groups of us through the halls and catacombs of the site. They were well prepared for us, and we got good insights into the different areas and tasks that contribute to the success of developing a product.

The fact that the site is working on mobile communications and especially on 5G and its successor technologies made the excursion particularly interesting, as this area of technology really fits in well with the core competencies taught in our programme. This gave us a vivid impression of the practical application of the sometimes more theoretical knowledge that is taught during our studies.

All in all, we felt very well taken care of on this day through on-site demonstrations, presentations for which we came back together again several times, the discussions with developers from various disciplines and the excellent food. For all that, we would like to thank Nokia very much and would also be happy if we could repeat this visit in future semesters.

Some impressions of the visit can be found in the pictures below.

We would like to thank Prof. Fischer, who established the contact between Nokia and the FSI and accompanied us on the excursion. Uyen, who took over most of the organization on our side but unfortunately could not join us because she fell ill shortly before :-(. Patrick Jüschke and Robert Schütz for the friendly and helpful contact and the most certainly very high organizational effort on Nokia’s side and of course all involved employees of the Nokia branch in Ulm for the warm welcome, the great organization, the interesting conversations and the many exciting insights.

(Please click on the images below for a full view)

Retrospective Communication Museum

On November the 19th, 2022, the FSI ICT organized a field trip to the Communications Museum in Nuremberg followed by a guided tour of the city by Joanna Kudanowska.
We found the overwhelming interest in the exhibitions and the guided tours through the city and museum (despite the cold winter weather) phenomenal and hope that we can organize a similar excursion again soon.
Below you can collect a few more impressions.