Upcoming Events Summer Semester 2023

FSI Events

Q&A session

  • online
  • wednesday, 19.04.2023 19:00h
  • questions, explanations, information about everythin you need or would like know
  • Zoom Link: Zoom Link (fsv.tf)

Pub Crawl

  • wednesday, 26.04.2023 19:00h
  • meetingpoint: Friedrich statue at Schlossplatz
  • first bar: Glüxrausch (if you’re late meet us there)
  • map & route on our website

Game night

  • wednesday, 03.05.2023 18:00h
  • room: seminar room 11501.01.021 (EEI building, right tower, first floor)
  • you can also join us later on, if you can’t make it on time
  • feel free to bring games as well
  • drinks, snacks and we will order pizza together

Soldering Workshop

  • will take place mid-semester
  • date will be announced later on
  • free but registration necessary

Most important dates of the FAU

Exam registration

  • 29. May (00.01 o’clock) till 18. June2023 (23.59 o’clock)

Reregistration for the next semester

  • 1. July till 8. July 2023

Important links and information

What ist the FSI

FSI = Fachschaftsinitiative (student body initiative)

  • group of volunteer ICT (IuK) students
  • intermediary between students and professors/tutors/other university institutions and committees
  • place to go if you have questions/problems and want to talk to other students
  • organization of various events
  • collection of old exams and other material (StudOn)

New members are always welcome! 🙂

StudOn (fsv.tf)
Main source of communication (besides the website), old exams and some solutions, registrations for FSI events, etc.

Discord (fsv.tf)
A place to exchange information, chat, find study partners, etc.

E-Mail fsi-iuk@fau.de

Computer science based exams and some solutions on the website of the FSI INF: FSI Informatik/Pruefungen (only available in german)

How to reach us

If you want to reach us, you can write us on Discord, via E-Mail or if you want to talk to us in person, we will have regular office hours at our room (01.025, EEI building, right tower) on Mondays, 12:15 – 15:45

Campo (fau.de)
Main site for organisation and information gathering. Most other Sites are outdated.

FAU IdM-Portal (uni-erlangen.de)
Overview over services and access rights at FAU.

StudOn (fau.de)
Platform for registering for lectures, events, groups, etc.
Also used to share slides, homework, etc.

University Library (fau.de)

Advice services (fau.eu)
Gives a detailed overview of all the advice services at FAU

You can find even more information in the slides of the Master welcome event: