FSI Logo Contest

Dear IuK/ICT Students, 

we need your support. As you might have noticed, our FSI logo is quite outdated (see our website). In the context of a competition we would like to invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. 

The design with the most votes from the FSI jury will be featured as a logo on our website and other media. 

Conditions of participation:

  • Every IuK/ICT student
  • FSI IuK/ICT letters should appear in the logo (in case of an image, it is also sufficient to add the wording in small letters underneath)
  • Textual description or a sketch is sufficient
  • Please do not use any material that is subject to any licenses.

The logo should be usable for our website, posters for events, t-shirts and possibly also as e-mail signature.

Deadline of the competition: 26.11.2021

Prize: Raspberry Pi Pico + 2 drinks of your choice at the next FSI event.

You can send us your ideas via email, Discord, or also upload them in the FAUbox (Link: https://faubox.rrze.uni-erlangen.de/getlink/fiB7BTCtX19SfnnwQnb1qndE/, password: Logo).

With your participation you assure that included illustrations, graphics and photos, which were not created by yourself, can be used license-free and free of charge. With the submission you transfer the rights of use of the logo to the FSI IuK/ICT. The FSI IuK/ICT is entitled to use, reproduce, distribute, exhibit and publicly reproduce your works in modified or unmodified form without any restriction of the factual, spatial or temporal scope of use and for all known and unknown types of use that may come into consideration. This consent also includes digitalization. German law applies to the agreement and declaration of release.

Good luck,