Upcoming Events Summer Semester 2023

FSI Events

Q&A session

  • online
  • wednesday, 19.04.2023 19:00h
  • questions, explanations, information about everythin you need or would like know
  • Zoom Link: Zoom Link (fsv.tf)

Pub Crawl

  • wednesday, 26.04.2023 19:00h
  • meetingpoint: Friedrich statue at Schlossplatz
  • first bar: Glüxrausch (if you’re late meet us there)
  • map & route on our website

Game night

  • wednesday, 03.05.2023 18:00h
  • room: seminar room 11501.01.021 (EEI building, right tower, first floor)
  • you can also join us later on, if you can’t make it on time
  • feel free to bring games as well
  • drinks, snacks and we will order pizza together

Soldering Workshop

  • will take place mid-semester
  • date will be announced later on
  • free but registration necessary

Most important dates of the FAU

Exam registration

  • 29. May (00.01 o’clock) till 18. June2023 (23.59 o’clock)

Reregistration for the next semester

  • 1. July till 8. July 2023

Game Night on Wednesday, the 01.03.2023

Dear ICT students,

we would like to invite you to our game night on wednesday, the 01.03.2023, at 7 pm in seminar room 01.021 at Cauerstraße 7 in the EEI building.

Directions: you go to the EEI building, in the right tower, the tower where the FSI room is, you go up to the second floor and there you will find the room.

We will, like always, play all kinds of board and card games together with you. You are also welcome to bring your own games.

If you want to get to know your fellow students from different years and the FSI better, or just for a nice evening, then come along! You are also welcome to bring other fellow students who did not receive the email invitation.

Cheap drinks will be provided. In the course of the evening we will order pizza together again.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Museum Visit with tour Communication Museum

Registeration: 10.11.2022 to 17.11.2022, 20:00 h
Link: https://www.studon.fau.de/crs4842606.html

Dear Students,

As already announced, we are offering an excursion to the Museum for Communication in Nuremberg on November 19, 2022. During the 90-minute tour you can get to know the different types of communication. A city tour in the Franconian metropolitan city of Nuremberg is then offered. The museum entrance and the city tour is free of charge for you.

From 10.11.2022 you can register for this via StudOn. For this you only have to

1. Join this StudOn course: https://www.studon.fau.de/crs4842606.html

2. Choose your preferred language for the museum tour

We look forward to seeing You 🙂

FSI events during summer term 2022

Dear fellow students,

finally, last semester’s exams are over, and the new semester starts next week.
Accordingly, we have prepared a few events for you!

Thu 21.04. ICT Masters programme kick-off meeting, 13:00, H15, Cauerstr. 7 and Zoom
Tue 26.04. Online Q&A Session, 20:00h, Zoom
Tue 03.05 Game night, 19:00h, 01.021, Cauerstr. 7
Tue 10.05 Pub crawl, 19:30h Schlossplatz Erlangen
Mon 20.06 Soldering evening, 18:15h, 0.150-115, Cauerstr. 7

(All times are in Central European [Summer] Time, CE[S]T)

ICT Masters programme kick-off meeting
Thu 21.04. 13:00, H15, Cauerstr. 7 and simultaniously on Zoom

The Kick-off meeting is especially for students who are new at FAU might also be useful to those of you who have already studied here. You will receive an introduction to many important formalities of the ICT master’s program at FAU. In addition, Joanna Kudanowska from the Study Service Center and several members of the student union will be available to answer any questions you may have about the ICT programme. You can participate in person or online. You can find the Zoom meeting room here: https://fau.zoom.us/j/65198472550?pwd=bTE4V0V2c2dPUmVIVGtMcW44WGlEZz09
Afterwards, there will be a campus tour with us for those of you who are on site. We will, of course, be available to answer any further questions you may have.

Online Q&A Session
26.04. 20:00h, Zoom

You have questions about studying, events, life as a student or something else? We have the answers. After the first questions have been answered, we will introduce you to some interesting services offered by FAU, the Studentenwerk and others, and explain how some online systems work, such as creating schedules or finding rooms.
You can join via this link: https://fau.zoom.us/j/66102190532?pwd=R2ZheW9MUmVZNWIrbTRYR2pvYVRUUT09

Game night
03.05. 19:00h, room 01.021, Cauerstr. 7

Finally, we can organize game nights in presence again! We will start at 19h, but you can join us later on. We will play different games and if you like you can bring your own. There will be drinks at cost price and snacks. If you like, you can also bring your own games. Around 20:30h we will order pizza together (cost price).
Masks will be mandatory and please take a quick test beforehand if possible.
We are looking forward to a fun evening with you!

Pub crawl
10.05. 19:30h, Schlossplatz Erlangen

Since the pub crawl was so well received last semester, we want to repeat it this semester! We will go through the bars of Erlangen together. You will get to know new bars, new people and the members of the FSI. Thanks to the “students tuesday” there are cheap drink specials in every bar.
Meeting point is the SchlossPLATZ at the Friedrich statue at 19:30h. The first bar that will be visited is Glüxrausch. So if you are late, you can find us there. You can find the route and all bars in thePDF file here https://iuk.fsi.fau.de/sites/default/files/Kneipentour%20pub%20crawl%20FSI%20IuK%20SS22.pdf or interactively here: https://fsv.tf/pubcrawliukss22

Soldering evening
20.06. 18:15h, room 0.150-115 (“GET-Praktikum”), Cauerstr. 7

Since we never get the chance to solder in our technical studies, but it can be very useful, we offer a soldering evening starting this semester. Here you can learn the basics of soldering, improve your technique, and get to know your fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. You will get kits and a short introduction. From then on you can just try it out, but we are always available for help. Afterwards we will work out together how some aspects of the kits actually work.
This offer is primarily intended for students of the second bachelor semester, but since this year is the first time we organize the soldering evening, all semesters are welcome to participate.

Also, please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our future events: https://lists.fau.de/cgi-bin/listinfo/stuve-iuk-news

Have a good start into the semester! We are looking forward to seeing you at our events!

See you soon,